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Self-inflicted Darwinism

Life: a power-struggle for the weak

10/20/17 11:33 pm

I'm going to go to my car. Get my laptop. Finish the lecture. And keep on going.

1/18/17 09:22 pm

All my life, I'll always be that kid

5/6/16 11:43 am

ugh, im such a stupid girl

4/30/16 03:51 pm

i was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned in front of my cousin from india 2 hours from home in the middle of the night

Northwestern reneged their informal "things look really good for you, it's a matter of time, if even that" acceptance

but I'm in love and its not so bad

4/27/16 12:33 am

so typically I post when things are going wrong in my life, but now I'm posting with good news. I think I'm in love with a boy.

9/16/15 02:08 am

i dont think it's too much for a person to want to be loved my one person unconditionally, unceasingly

7/17/15 07:40 pm

i subject myself to emotional torture

4/29/15 11:02 am - Good day!

Today's going to be a good day! Even though its cold and rainy, things are going to look up! Just like I knew they would! Whoo hoo!!!

4/27/15 05:33 pm

i'm sorry i temporarily forgot who i was

4/23/15 12:02 am

it says go
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